I mean damn, what would Jeromey Romey Romey Rome think?

catandtheeye replied to your post: I am in the middle of a fucking great …

green tea though?

not today gurl

I am in the middle of a fucking great run of amazing tasting tea’s. Now, this could be attributed to the new tea bags, or luck.. but I generally feel that this could be the facet of life that I’m not simply mediocre at. 

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i hate my Swedish heritage!!! i wish i was never even Björn

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Seekae’s new album is pretty fine and dandy 

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Diz and Beaker are Divine!
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Listening to this on the dart into college today brought me back. Been too long. Few listens tonight & I’ll be ready for Provider
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The haircut I just got reminded me on how bad I am at ‘barbershop banter’ and this is truly undermining my masculinity. 

Got another haircut..barbershop banter skills even worse than last time.

They were talking about rugby league, and I really have nothing to add to that sport in conversation. Except how shit it is. 



plot twist: JK rowling writes a series on voldemorts point of view

"i looked in the mirror and cried. i look like an egg"

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fire fighter tyler😂
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